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If you are having trouble accessing the gallery, it is mostly likely because:

  • You're using a proxy IP (hide my ass, TOR, ect.) which turns off some functions like scrolling and log in fields.
  • You tried to access the gallery without signing up for the mailing list first.
  • You are typing the invitation code into the password field.
  • You're rushing to get to the pictures and aren't following the instructions.
  • There is some other issue that I or my web designer cannot see from our own computers.

Here is how it works:

1. Sign up for the newsletter by clicking the link circled in red. Sorry, but if you want to gawk at my photos for free, you're signing up for the newsletter and becoming a member.


2. Fill in the information. Make sure your email is correct and that you have signed up for your region. You will get a welcome letter containing the link with instructions sent to your inbox.


3. Follow the link that was sent to your inbox. Click on the gallery thumbnail to bring up the login screen.


4. Click "request access."


5. Fill in the membership request. Add the invitation code to the bottom field. This code ensures you don't wait for approval. Log in details will be sent to your inbox.


5. Check your inbox for your individual membership login password. The password is a randomly generated and is not the same as the invitation code entered earlier. Enter your email and password and click "sign in."

Alternatively, you can go to the very bottom of the webpage and click "member login" to bring up the screen.


That should be all you have to do. If you still are are having trouble, email me explaining the issue, your operating system, browser types and whether or not you are using a proxy. Your report will be forwarded to my webmaster.

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