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24 more days - Please donate!

I prefer to write about happier subjects, but after reading about this case I was compelled to help spread this story. #TjhishaAndAngelia 

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Tjhisha Ball (Tah-Heesha) and Angelia Mangum (An-ju-lee-ah) were two bright young women living in the Tampa, FL area who had their lives ahead of them and tragically had them taken away. Since the discovery of their bodies on September 18th, the media has done little to no coverage of their horrific murders and because Ball & mangum were sex workers have done everything they can to tarnish the images of the these two women, the victims of a terrible crime. 

Everyday Whorephobia, an activist group for sex workers, has stepped up to raise donations to help offset the funeral costs for both families who are shocked by this sudden tragedy.

We refuse to let these two deaths go quietly into the night as two more on the list of black women who are slain and go their murders go unnoticed. We refuse to allow the public persecution of the victims of violence. We refuse to let their families suffer alone and without help.


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