Excuse Me Waiter, There is a Bug In My Food!Category: Food Porn   Jul 13th 2014  01:35PM   0

This Extreme Eats clip extols the virtues of adding insects to our diet. Compelling argument, but I can't imagine Americans sitting down to mealworm stir fry anytime soon. 

My mother's favorite "little Tabitha" stories are usually tales of me eating things most would not consider palatable. Avoiding clichés like dirt or Elmer's glue, I stimulated my sophisticated toddler palate with dog food (wet and dry), magnets (don't ask), charcoal (who doesn't like bbq?) & random plants found in the backyard (clover tastes like red wine, fyi).

Bugs, for whatever reason, never made the cut. However, I did get the opportunity to try vanilla cake with cricket chips last year - courtesy of a friend who is a member of the Gastronauts. It wasn't too bad. Have a penchant for adventurous eating? Have dinner with The Gastronauts: a supper club for the brave. 


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