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Booking my services for the first time? A little nervous or confused about what to do next? Follow these simple steps for a perfect date:

Cleanliness is Next to Sexiness!

Wash every inch of your body before our meeting (your morning shower does not count) and don't forget to trim the hedges. When you smell fresh I will be more excited about exploring every squeaky clean inch of your body. You are welcome to use the shower & toiletries provided at my place.

If our night out on the town ends at your place, excuse yourself for a quick clean up. I promise I won't start without you.

Mouthwash is a must! The better to kiss you with, m'dear. 

Clip or clean your fingernails - this is something frequently overlooked but makes a huge difference to us womenfolk - especially if you'd like to explore every inch of my, um, womenfolkyness. 

If you suspect you are sick - especially during flu season. Please reschedule for another time or be okay with limited physical contact during our time together.


That green stuff, Sir...

Please have my booking fee ready upon arrival. We are all adults here; this part does not have to be awkward.

If we are meeting in public, place the agreed upon amount in a small gift bag, inside a greeting card or in the pages of a copy of your favorite book. Slapping a bank envelope on the bar isn't exactly discreet.

When meeting at your place, leaving the fee on the bathroom counter is best, as I will at some point excuse myself to freshen up.

If you are visiting me, simply leave it on the coffee table and I will take care of the rest. 

It is prudent to bring a little extra in case we go over the initially-agreed time. This happens more often than you think. Extended playtime is 450 per additional hour. 

Please note your payment is for my services, not servitude.


Creating the best experience for you important to me.

Have something you'd like me to wear? No problem. Something naughty you'd like me to bring? You got it. A dinner reservation you'd rather leave to an expert? Absolutely. Suggestions for the best chicken fight spots? Not so sure about that one.

Most important of all, be honest. If you could be having a better time - speak up! It's part of my job to make you happy.



I'm a safety girl. That's right, I said it.

We take many risks in life; jaywalking, eating strange foods, breathing New York City air...

I take my personal, physical, sexual, mental & spiritual health seriously. Screening & other precautions taken help me feel safe in your presence. Mistreating me or intentionally violating my boundaries will end our date immediately - without a refund.

When I feel safe and happy, you will get my absolute best.


(Sorry, no cute meme available for this one)

I love feedback.

The good and the bad - let me know your thoughts!




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