Sometimes I ForgetCategory: Misc.   Mar 13th 2015  02:55PM   0

Need a 5 Minute Vacation?Category: Misc.   Feb 26th 2015  11:41AM   0

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"Pan di sudore, miglior sapore."Category: Food Porn   Jan 15th 2015  12:45PM   0

"Bread that comes out of sweat, tastes better." - Italian Proverb


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Goodbye 2014!Category: Announcements   Jan 1st 2015  12:31PM   0


Wishing you a prosperous 2015!


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Meet My New Booking Assistant!Category: Announcements   Dec 3rd 2014  11:30AM   0

Does email give you headaches? Do booking forms make you cringe? Would you rather talk to a human being in real time? I understand completely. 

While I would love to talk to (mostly) everyone who rings, time is a valuable commodity nowadays. 

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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!Category: Misc.   Oct 12th 2014  01:29PM   0

Opinions, my friend. Everyone has heard them. Everyone has them. Most sound childish and entitled when airing them on Yelp - or on escort review sites for that matter. 

Just a thought.



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Help the Families of #TjhishaAndAngelia - Please Donate Today!Category: Misc.   Sep 30th 2014  01:10PM   0

24 more days - Please donate!

I prefer to write about happier subjects, but after reading about this case I was compelled to help spread this story. #TjhishaAndAngelia 

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GratitudeCategory: Misc.   Sep 16th 2014  03:09PM   0

 I am so thankful for your patronage. Your notes of love and appreciation remind me I am doing something right.  :-)

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Excuse Me Waiter, There is a Bug In My Food!Category: Food Porn   Jul 13th 2014  01:35PM   0

This Extreme Eats clip extols the virtues of adding insects to our diet. Compelling argument, but I can't imagine Americans sitting down to mealworm stir fry anytime soon. 

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Throwback ThursdayCategory: Misc.   May 22nd 2014  11:11AM   0

From my first website. Not bad for a "selfiie," right?  Circa 2009. 


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Beyond Maruchan: NYC Ramen RundownCategory: Food Porn   Apr 23rd 2014  10:24AM   0

Ippudo's Karakamen. [Photograph: Jamie Feldmar

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11 Random Facts About Tabitha "Cooks" ArceneauxCategory: Misc.   Mar 16th 2014  10:23AM   0

I collect silly GIFs from Tumblr when I cannot sleep.

1. No matter how bad my day is going, chinatown ramen shops make it all better.

2. I'm terrified of black widow spiders, but like reptiles, amphibians and most bugs.

3. Songwriting and poetry are longtime hobbies of mine.

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In Flagrante Delicto - NSFWCategory: Misc.   Mar 4th 2014  12:50PM   0

in flagrante delicto: (adverb) 1. In the very act of committing a misdeed. 2. In the midst of sexual activity.


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So SpicyCategory: Food Porn   Feb 1st 2014  10:25AM   0

Kip's Bay is one my favorite neighborhoods to find spices. Its streets are lined with some of the city's best spots for Middle Eastern, Indian & North African products.

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Formaggi, Queso, Fromage, Paneer...Category: Food Porn   Jan 16th 2014  05:23PM   0

Planning a Carte Blanche date is always exciting; new restaurants, cooking classes and food events.

I decided to treat my date to something a little...well...cheesy. What do you get when you combine several glasses of wine, rubber gloves and cheese curd?

Get your mind out of the gutter...


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HungryHungryHooker - When Suicide Girls & Restaurant Reviews CollideCategory: Food Porn   Dec 12th 2013  11:11AM   0

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Remember December 17th: The International Day to End Violence Against Sex WorkersCategory: Misc.   Dec 10th 2013  05:58PM   0

Recieved this in my inbox and will be supporting. No one deserves violence because of what they do for a living. December 17th events will be held all over the country, so check out the link below for local information.

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A True GentlemanCategory: Misc.   Nov 28th 2013  08:04AM   0

This is a re-post from the blog of Genevieve, a Canadian ebony courtesan:

… from an essay written by a Chesterfield scholar defining the term of a True Gentleman.

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#DALvsNO #WHODATCategory: Misc.   Nov 11th 2013  09:33AM   0

I wore my lucky panties last night.

Chicks Dig GunsCategory: Misc.   Oct 30th 2013  03:45PM   0

Channeling my inner GI Joe. Pardon the tumbleweed doubling as my hair.

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